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  • CASS Learning Symposium March, 2011: This presentation summarizes the problems currently facing adolescent reading in Alberta Schools, details the next steps that AARI is taking to address these problems. The presentation predicts that timely and targeted support will enable students to embrace a variety of texts and develop the essential skills for literacy. 
  • CASS Learning Symposium August, 2011: This presentation poses the problem that, due to a changing job market, adolescents must acquire more sophisticated language skills than ever before. Developing these language skills in schools requires early detection and intervention in kindergarten reading instruction, intervention during the elementary school, and subject specific interventions in Jr. High and High Schools. 
  • RVS Conference August, 2012: This presentation states that 35% or Canadian adults lack functional literacy skills. To combat this, the presentation advocated for targeted intervention for students in all levels of grade schooling. The presentation also describes the AARI module system for teaching educators the required intervention skills.   


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